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WAX PATTERN PRICES are as follows: 
(plus S & H)

7 (minimum) to 24 total pcs. . . . . . . $4.45 per wax
                  25-49 total pcs. . . . . . . $3.95 per wax
                  50-99 total pcs. . . . . . . $3.75 per wax
                   100+ total pcs. . . . . . . $3.45 per wax


> Terms for one-rated (JBT) accounts are "upon receipt".
> We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover.
> We do not keep card numbers on file.
> No C.O.D.


General Information

  • Money-back guarantee on first (minimum) order.

  • Patterns damaged in shipping will be replaced if we are notified immediately

  • Any part of any item shown is available separately.

  • All patterns come in individual plastic bags, with style numbers printed on each.

  • We are not responsible for typographical errors.

  • Items shown may not be available due to unforseen circumstances.

  • Our liability is limited to the replacement of wax patterns.

  • All Paradise products are made in the U.S.A.

  • Established in 1987.

Explanation of figures under pictures 
in catalog:

.10 T.W./ 2.4 DWT./2pc.

A. Style No. D-4296S/T has a total diamond weight of
    .10 CT. (2-.05)

      * No diamonds or stones furnished with wax patterns

B. Casting weight in 14kt. is 2.4 DWT. 
    (1 DWT. - 1.55 grams)


C. There are 2 waxes (2pc.) per unit of this style 
    (priced as 2 waxes)



Please allow some time for the large file

The best way to place an order is:

Email us at


Please include:

(1) Company Name

(2) Phone Number

(3) Shipping Address

(4) Item Number with Quantity.


We will contact you for your payment information, so you do not have to include that in the email.

You may also call us at

 (732) 244-4950


Printed 570-page catalog available upon request.
Sent via Priority Mail

U.S. $29.95 (free Shipping & Handling) 

Shipping Internationally please inquire about the rate

Check or charge only. No C.O.D.

Send your mailing address to:


Catalog FREE on your first order

with $100 minimum order (29 patterns)
(Domestic orders only)

Catalog fee applied towards initial minimum order of $100.
(Domestic orders only)

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